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Circle of Friends introduces Lice Defense System, a suite of lice prevention products comprising shampoo, spray-on leave-in conditioner, styling gel, and hairspray. These products are gentle, yet effective in deterring lice naturally, leaving little noggins squeaky clean and insect free.

When it comes to head lice, the solution is usually focused on harsh, unpleasant treatments that must be administered to children after the lice come home. But Circle of Friends is shifting the focus to prevention. After all – isn’t preventing lice in the first place the most desirable option?

Tea Tree, Andiroba and Lavender Oils are the key ingredients that keep lice away safely and naturally. Lemon Peel Oil acts as a natural cleanser, while Vitamin B-5 and Glycerin hydrate the hair leaving it soft, manageable and free of tangles. And unlike those harsh, stinky and irritating chemical treatments, with Lice Defense parents and children will actually enjoy bath time thanks to its kid-pleasing lavender scent.

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Lice Defense Shampoo

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